E! Just announced they're canceling The Soup and I'm very sad #spaghetticat
  1. Joel McHale is very handsome. Also hilarious but also hot.
  2. The Soup is the reason I finally watched Community, which is one of my all time favorite things.
  3. I still say "chicks man" all the time and no one ever knows what I'm referencing.
  4. Same for "some people weren't liking it." Come back Sanjaya.
  5. The Soup was pointing out the inanity of present American society way before Twitter was.
  6. Also The Soup was such a great critique of reality shows and cable news.
  7. Really it was so instrumental in helping me develop my taste and bringing me to comedy. Teenaged me watched it every week.
  8. The Soup didn't go viral like The Daily Show, but it honestly did a lot of the same work, just re: celebrity culture.
  9. The Soup is dead. Long Live The Soup.