It's time to settle down brah. This is only the tip of the iceberg of reasons, hit me up to hear more Harry 😘
  1. I'm adorable.
  2. I look great in a pencil skirt.
  3. My grandma is honestly already yelling at me to wear nude panty hose so I'd adjust pretty quickly.
  4. I wrote my undergrad thesis about media perceptions of the monarchy so I'm super prepared for this.
  5. I'm pretty funny but not too funny.
  6. There are no nude photos of me on the Internet.
  7. I've never had anything that could be described even loosely as a scandal.
  8. I'm Catholic but Anglicanism is basically Catholicism so we can work it out.
  9. Marrying an American is on brand for your rebellious nature.
  10. I think Kate and I would get along really well. Ditto Will.
  11. I've wanted to wear more hats lately.
  12. I have recently realized my type is tall, awkward, and ginger, and you're basically the epitome of this.