Y'all need help
  1. Jane and Rafael
    LOL. So wrong for each other, #teamrafael needs to wake up
  2. Harry and Hermione
    Noooooooo no no no no no nooooo no
  3. Katniss and Gale
    Gale sucks! Also basically Katniss needs someone kind and warm and nurturing and Gale is none of those things
  4. Snape and Lily
    Omg my Snape-hate is historic but basically I think this ship is fucked up
  5. Draco and Hermione
    Draco is so ruuuuude Hermione would never. Draco and Harry is much more palatable to me, probably because of Rainbow Rowell tbh
  6. Eleven and Amy
    Nooooo Amy/Rory 5ever
  7. Ted and Robin
    Fuck you, HIMYM writers
  8. Cersei and Jaime
    Yall need the most help (Brienne and Jaime are also basically the only reason I watch anymore so....)
  9. Sirius and Lupin
    (Actually I do get it but I'm such Lupin/Tonks trash I refuse to acknowledge this as valid)
  10. CJ and Toby
    A++ platonic friends, would make a horrible couple
  11. Dean and Rory
    Is anyone Team Dean? Don't be.