1. So the Senate Dems right now are trying to get Congress to take some gun control measures
  2. Which is good
  3. And a lot of people have talked about how silly it is that people on the no fly list can buy guns and how criminals and the mentally ill can buy guns
  4. And um I think everyone's heart is in the right place
  5. But I think it's ridiculous when we focus on mentally ill people and "criminals" and people on the no fly list?
  6. Mentally ill people are more likely to be VICTIMS of violence than nuerotypical people, not the perpetrators
  7. Most "felons" are no violent
  8. And the no fly list is pretty fucked up and racist
  9. INSTEAD what do these mass shooting actually have in common?
  10. Hatred. Misogyny, homophobia, racism, etc.
  11. It's "normal" men who see their privileges threatened and take it out on us all.
  12. So why don't we focus on getting rid of assault rifles
  13. And then just all guns
  14. Because literally WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED A GUN
  15. YOU DON'T
  16. Oh you're gonna protect your house with your gun? Having a gun actually makes it more likely that YOU or someone who lives with you will be a victim of gun violence
  17. And never mind the use of guns in suicides
  18. Or the use of them in domestic violence
  19. We focus on the "mentally ill and criminal" because it's easy for us to imagine as these dangerous people with guns as people who aren't us
  20. It's harder to admit that hatred is around us and anyone could have a gun and turn it on us
  21. But this is the completely insane dystopian society we live in
  22. And until we just GET RID OF GUNS
  23. And actually try to get rid of hatred toward LGBTQ+, black people, Muslims, women, immigrants etc etc
  24. It's going to stay like this