Here are some reasons why. (I love Frozen but Tangled is just wicked under appreciated.)
  1. Frozen doesn't actually make sense
    I mean particularly with the Anna/Elsa relationship. No one acknowledges how BITTER Anna should be. She should be very bitter, and if she isn't, they should acknowledge that she's being very magnanimous.
  2. Frozen had lots of telling instead of showing.
    Related to the previous point, they tell us the sisters love each other, but they never SHOW us.
  3. Frozen wasted Jonathan Groff.
  4. There's not even a good love ballad in Frozen.
    Like even if you want to say this is because the main love is between the sisters, they should at least get a song about it.
  6. "When Will My Life Begin" is a much better I Want song than "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" and "For the First Time In Forever"
    Frozen, why you have two I Want songs in a row? WWMLB is just adorable, and tells us a lot.
  7. The evil mother in Tangled is such a good villain, much better than Hans, who sucks.
    Rapunzel wants to rebel again her but she also loves her, and also maybe she's right and she shouldn't run away with a thief. But also her mother is horrible. Just feels very realistic. Better stakes than with Hans, which feels so manufactured.
  8. Pascal and Maximus are way better nonhuman counterparts than Olaf and Sven.
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    Olaf and Sven feel like cheap replacements.
  9. Flynn is very handsome and charming with a heart of gold.
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    Basically the cartoon Han Solo 😏
  10. "At Last I See The Light" is such a good love duet and one of the most gorgeously animated sequences ever.
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  11. Artistic Vikings are better than creepy trolls.
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    Trolls who have problems understanding consent also, Jeffrey Tambor voices one of the Vikings! And again, this encounter has actual stakes, instead of the troll sequence, which is cute but sort of pointless.
  12. Did I mention how hot Flynn is?
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    Is this awkward now?
  13. ALSO so much of Frozen goes unexplained. Who are Kristoff's parents? Do other people in this world have ice powers? Like, if the king knows that trolls exist other people have to have magic powers, right?
  14. Who kept Anna locked inside the palace once her parents died? Why were their parents such dicks to Elsa anyway?
  15. Flynn and Rapunzel sacrifice their lives for each other. She agrees to stay with her mother forever if she lets Flynn live, giving up any chance of freedom. He cuts her hair, giving up his only chance at being healed and giving her freedom.
  16. That's an actual act of true love! Elsa doesn't do shit for Anna.
  17. Like she better buy her a really nice fucking house after this shit.
  18. And it better not be made of ice.