In 2014 I graduated from Georgetown and moved back into my parents' house in south Brooklyn. Some things have been hard but some things have been great. People are always acting like millennials moving home is bad but it's not?
  1. Local news
    In college I never watched local news. Local news is hilarious! It's a combo of fear-baiting crime stories, human interest stories about animals, fear-baiting health stories, and awkward small talk. I have a pretty intense ranking of all the local weather people, anchors, and sports people.
  2. They go to the grocery store
    So I don't have to! Grocery shopping remains a fun "when I feel like it" activity.
  3. Cable
    I could not afford cable but my parents have basically everything. Cable is really great.
  4. Watching baseball with my mom
    Again, linked to the tv thing. But watching baseball live with my mom is really great and fun and nice and I recommend it (watching with your mom I guess. Or mine? Come over!)
  5. Eating dinner leftovers for lunch
    Save those 💸💸💸
  6. Not paying rent in New York!
    The benefits of this cannot be discounted, let me tell you.
  7. I live with my mom!
    Our relationship isn't perfect or anything but sometimes you just want your mom, you know? And we watch a lot of tv together which is great and nice
  8. Not living in horrible hipster Brooklyn
    My parents live in South Brooklyn, which is normal and not expensive and filled with normal people.
  9. The pizza place by my house is the best pizza place in Brooklyn
    This is 100% true. It's Original Pizza on the corner of Avenue U and Nostrand Avenue. You're never going to come here but you should.
  10. I live like three stops away from Coney Island.
    Again, really great. You should come!
  11. Not paying rent in New York
    Did I say that
  12. Using my parents as an excuse when I don't want to go to/do things
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I ain't sorry