There are ships and then there are SHIPS. These are the latter.
  1. Leia and Han, Star Wars
    The original
  2. Josh and Donna, The West Wing
    If you were in an accident I wouldn't stop for red lights. 😮😮😮
  3. Ben and Leslie, Parks and Recreation
    Some couples get less cute when they get together. THEY ARE THE OPPOSITE.
  4. Pam and Jim, The Office
    My children
  5. Elizabeth and Darcy, in all times and places, zombies or not
  6. Emma and Knightley, in all times and places, Paul Rudd or not
  7. Lupin and Tonks, Harry Potter
    The biggest sin of the Harry Potter movies is removing this plot. (There are many other sins.)
  8. Peggy and Stan, Mad Men
    Notably the only pair on this list I was afraid we'd never get to see kiss. THEY DID THO