Hey this was actually incredibly difficult oops
  1. Percy Weasley
    What a little shit. His appearance in the 7th book is pretty rad though.
  2. Charlie Weasley
    (Is there even a photo of this guy? Sorry Charlie) Hangs with dragons, which is cool, but not in the stacked deck that is his family.
  3. Bill Weasley
    Bill is pretty boring until he gets mauled by a werewolf and married Fleur, who's amazing. Bless her.
  4. Mr. Weasley
    Arthur Weasley is the platonic ideal of your best friend's dad.
  5. Fred Weasley
    (Wow how much do I hate these movie pictures) I love Fred but if we went to school together I would definitely pull a Hermione and be like COULD YOU NOT?? all the time.
  6. Ginny Weasley
    Book Ginny is EVERYTHING and movie Ginny is useless, so please erase her from your brain (please do the same for movie Ron thank you). Here's something to think about: her brothers wouldn't practice Quidditch with her when she was little but she's by far the best player of the bunch. Also dates around, intensely loyal, thinks Harry is pretty annoying in addition to being cute (haven't we all like that boy).
  7. George Weasley
    Meanwhile George is the boy I would definitely have a crush on. I'm useless.
  8. Mrs. Weasley
    Mrs. Weasley was great BEFORE this perfect moment, but what other gif could go here? She raises a million kids, basically adopts Harry as her own, then everyone in the Order. Molly is a hero. I wish I had a Christmas sweater.
  9. Ron Weasley
    Ron is the most misunderstood of the trio/of the series maybe. Ron is actually the only one with any common sense (Hermione is brilliant but she can be very impractical). He gives the trio all the intangible wizard knowledge they would never have without him. Ron's biggest problem is his lack of self esteem, which, same. I think of Ron in the shrieking shack with a broken leg promising to fight Sirius if he touches Harry and it warms my damn hot. (Also Ron loves Hermione since book 1 fight me.)