1. Today I was reading something where someone was talking about a hook up they had
  2. And was this extrapolating things about millennials in general
  3. And WOW did this annoy me
  4. There is no "millennial experience"
  5. Maybe you and your friends use dating apps for casual hookups, or have meaningless affairs, or go to brunch all day or whatever
  6. But could you stop assuming that's everyone's experience
  7. And stop using that as a justification for your behavior
  8. You make the choice to do whatever it is you do
  9. Your choice doesn't say shit about me
  10. Tinder fucking sucks man and I'm not playing that game
  11. I'm not afraid of finding someone and i don't want to play games and if you are and you do that's literally just your fault
  12. And when you try to "explain yourself as a millennial" you're just playing into all the same old bullshit old people want
  13. Brunch is still good tho