Let's keep it positive! Here's stuff from the next few months, in no particular order
  1. My best friend is moving to New York for the summer!
    She's a summer associate at a fancy law firm and it's gonna be so great.
  2. Captain America: Civil War
    Black Panther! Homoerotic subtext! Black Widow and Scarlet Witch! I'm hopeful that Jeremy Renner will die!
  3. Ghostbusters
    Feminist ghostbusters!
  4. Going to a Mets game for my brother's birthday
    It's a 4 o'clock game which is the perfect time for baseball. It's science.
  5. Going to the Subway Series at Yankee Stadium on my birthday
    I've never been to a Yankees game, or Yankee Stadium, or the Subway Series, or a game on my birthday. Yasss
  6. Seeing Beyoncé at Citi Field
  7. Oh wait, Beyoncé's album is probably gonna drop tonight!!
  8. And Veep comes back tomorrow!
  9. Going to Tallahassee
    No date booked but imma visit my friend who's a phd candidate at FSU!
  10. Going to Cape Cod
    Also no date booked but my one friend's family has a house there and I've gotten to go the last two summers and it is the absolute best.
  11. Graduating!
    I graduate from grad school in May. No more student loans!
  12. Seeing my best friend's brother's band open for Walk the Moon
    They won his school's battle of the bands so they get to open for Walk the Moon at the spring concert! So cool!
  13. The Gilmore Girls revival!
    I'm almost done with season five so imma need new episodes soon
  14. My career!
    Lol but actually. I'm trying to hustle and make things happen and it's exciting and terrifying (speaking of which, if you like the things I write and want to pay me to write literally anything for you, hit me up. Ditto if you've got a tv show that needs a PA.)