Did one of these in May and almost all those things happened already. So here's another. Make your own!
  1. Gilmore Girls
  2. Star Wars Rouge One
  3. Georgetown Homecoming next weekend, and seeing all my friends
  4. Voting for Hillary
  5. The election being over
  6. My friend visiting at Columbus Day
  7. Going to visit my friends in San Diego (hopefully before the end of the year?)
  8. My first pumpkin spice latte of the year
  9. These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I make every October
  10. Going to Boston to see my brother's improv show
  11. Thanksgiving!!!
  12. Christmas!!
  13. Getting to listen to Christmas music at seasonally appropriate times
    I listened to some the other day lol
  14. Seeing Hamilton in February!
  15. The baseball playoffs (maybe)
  16. Georgetown Basketball Season
  17. Fall movies! So many look so good!
  18. Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend coming back!
  19. Captain Marvel movie!
  20. I used to work at a cupcake store and the September through December monthly cupcakes are the best ones, so I'm excited to go eat those
  21. Roxane Gay has two books coming out next year!
  22. Issa Rae's HBO show!