1. What if I have a cold forever? I'll never wear lipstick again.
  2. Is glass embedded in my finger from when I cut it on Sunday?
  3. It kind of hurts but maybe that's normal?
  4. Am I going to die alone?
  5. Am I secretly a lesbian and I haven't realized it yet?
  6. Am I going to die alone because I'm a secret lesbian who will never admit it?
  7. Is this line of thought insensitive to lesbians? Can I tell people about this?
  8. What if Adele never releases a new album?
  9. Do I have to buy my Star Wars tickets right now or can I wait a few days?
  10. Because I don't have a "group" to go with and Star Wars isn't supposed to be this stressful?
  11. Does every conversation I have about the Mets jinx them a little?
  12. Am I enjoying this October to the fullest? I haven't gone apple picking.
  13. Does the guy at the comic bookstore think I'm hitting on him?
  14. Do I want to be hitting on the guy at the comic book store?
  15. Is it "comic bookstore" or "comic book store"?
  16. Would Captain America be proud of me?
  17. If I ask my crush if he wants to hang out and he says no, what happens next?
  18. Am I drinking too much chai tea? Has this ruined all other teas for me?
  19. Will I ever have employer-provided health insurance?
  20. Is anyone ever reading these lists?