Like I've said, I'd make a great famous person.
  1. Passion Planner
    It's the best planner EVER because it has two spaces for to do lists (work and life) and constantly makes you think about what you're working towards. Helps me be much more productive than I'd be otherwise.
  2. Batiste Dry Shampoo
    I've tried a lot of dry shampoos and this is BY FAR the best. I can get sometimes even two extra days out of a wash (I'm lazy)
  3. Digit
    Hooks up to your bank account to save you a little money every day. I've saved more than $100 in a month and it's just great. Here's my link:
  4. The Sleep With Me Podcast
    Boring guy tells boring stories with his boring voice. Puts me to sleep when the voices in my head want to keep me up.
  5. Amazon iPhone Cables
    Actually not the greatest quality but they'll send you a new one when yours breaks. I guess this is just good customer service?
  6. Graze
    They send you snacks in a box. The snacks are great! I never know what snacks to get, but this is reliably great. Use my code 7LVTRWXZR to get your first box free!
  7. Jergens Advanced Healing Lotion
    Feels very luxurious, not expensive
  8. ASOS Curve
    Savior of fat internet ladies everywhere. Both the dresses I got for my brother's ordination next weekend (lol) are from here.
  9. Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee
    My Twitter followers are well aware of my obsession. Hit me up Dunks!!!