1. I had never seen it before. Really, I knew nothing about it.
    Hilary swank is great in it!
  2. But it's about Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and the last push for woman's suffrage in America
    Of course black women didn't have their right to vote guaranteed until the 60s, but the 19th Amendment is still pretty chill and the movie actually addresses that
  3. It aired on HBO in 2004, and boy is it reflective of that
    The first song is Duncan Sheik's "Barely Breathing?" The entire soundtrack is befuddling. And it's by no means a perfect movie — black women are only given lip service, there's an unnecessary romance with Patrick Dempsey. BUT.
  4. The movie brings into stark relief the sacrifices women made so they could vote
  5. They didn't know if voting could or would change the world. They only knew they had to try.
  6. And they faced such a violent, virulent reaction from men.
  7. And they were in jail for months and went on a hunger strike.
    And they were force fed and abused and it sucked man
  8. But they didn't give up
  9. Even though the whole country hated them because how could you protest during war
  10. But then they won
  11. And it's just all this history I didn't know.
  12. The way I learned this in history class was not like this.
  13. And now I feel so blessed to be able to vote tomorrow.
  14. And to vote for the person who very likely will be our first female president.
  15. And I feel so conscious of all the women who sacrificed and toiled to make that happen.
  16. So if you're a woman who can vote, please please cherish that privilege. Because it's one they didn't want you to have.