So I'm freaking out a little.
  1. When I was 8, in May 2001, my family flew to Disney World.
    Most of what I remember about this experience is that my aunt bought my a Digimon book to read on the plane, and they showed "Friends" episodes on the TV. which I already loved because my parent were pretty irresponsible with TV I guess?
  2. And I haven't been on a plane since.
  3. I mean, that was pre-9/11! We got to keep our shoes on and just chill or whatever.
  4. So I'm sort of freaking out.
  5. I'm going to North Carolina to visit my AMAZING BFF who is a 2L at Duke Law.
  6. And the trip is going to be fun!
  7. But little bottles of shampoo? Going through security?
  8. And like where do you even stand?
  9. Like, all those little intricacies of knowing where you're going and when to hold our your boarding pass and stuff
  10. Is this weird?
  11. But I'm also so excited!
  12. I mean I went to prep school and a fancy college and everyone I know is pretty well traveled and I haven't been anywhere.
  13. So traveling more is one of my New Year's Resolutions
  14. And I really want to see the Pacific before 2017.
  15. So I know I'll be fine. And tomorrow I'll have thought all this anxiety was silly.
  16. I'd come up with a witty ending but I have to go but some conditioner into a travel sized bottle.
  17. 😎✈️