New shows I loved in 2015
  1. Catastrophe
    Did yall watch this shit because it is underrated and basically perfect
  2. You're the Worst
    Less underrated but should be more popular and is also basically perfect
  3. Master of None
    Literally watched this today and I loved it very much
  4. Jane the Virgin
    Also perfection. Lately I've converted a lot more people to this show, so get your eyeballs over to Netflix and watch!
  5. Agent Carter
    So excited for this to come back. Feminism! Retro outfits! Platonic best friends!
  6. Galavant
    My mom and I are the only people who watch this and I'm OK with that. Alan Menken songs, basically a combo of the Princess Bride and Monty Python.
  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Similar to my MON experience today, I watched it all in like a day and a half and it was amazing.
  8. And yeah guys I know I really need to watch Mr. Robot and Jessica Jones.
  9. I just finished the Jessica J Alias comics so it's next in the pipeline
  10. Ok bye