The real answer is all shows
  1. The Flash
    Most of the people in this cast can SING. I need this.
  2. Agent Carter
    Wouldn't have made this list until they had a LIT musical number in the most recent episode. Gimmeeee
  3. The Good Wife
    Way too many Broadway stars have been on this show for no one to have considered this, right?
  4. Jane The Virgin
    Just goes with the whole thing they've got going on here
  5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Get those Lonely Island boys writing some songs.
  6. You're the Worst
    Lindsay had some sick karaoke moments, so let's just make a whole karaoke episode!
  7. The Mindy Project
    Honestly I hope none of them can sing because it would be even funnier. And Danny would just dance and dance and dance
  8. Supergirl
    Two words: Jeremy Jordan. (I guess some of the other people can sing too but COME ON.)