Inspired by a tweet that asked this question. QUICK EDIT TO ADD that I am what many would classify as a "small fat," and that women bigger than me experience even more discrimination, and that I also am privileged as a white woman and my experience is just my experience and this is really just the iceberg of things I wish y'all knew.
  1. Shopping can be really impossible
  2. In-person shopping especially
    Really, I know there's nothing for me to buy here except earrings. I know.
  3. I always want to go to Forever 21 because they always have plus sizes
    I know y'all are over F21 but fast fashion is still novel for me!
  4. Sometimes I get freaked out by space
    Will I fit in this subway seat or roller coaster seat or theater seat or airline seat or or or
  5. Every time you say "wow I didn't know you were a vegetarian" even though YOU KNEW, it feels like you're saying "oh man you don't eat meat and you're still fat"
  6. Don't tell me to try Tinder or online dating. It's not the same for fat women.
  7. When I compliment your clothes and you tell me it's from J Crew, all it does is remind me that J Crew doesn't want customers like me
  8. I love Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer too, but it's fucked up that they're the face of body positivity
  9. Every time you say you need to lose weight or you're too fat it feels like an implicit criticism of me
  10. Don't tell me my personality is great or someone needs to realize how special I am or some other patronizing bullshit.
    It only reminds me that I'm "different."
  11. I was one of like five fat women I knew in college!
    And fat kids are less likely to go to college!
  12. I'm stressed about finding a grown up doctor because I don't want to be fat-shamed by him or her
    Healthcare discrimination is a HUGE problem facing fat people. Anecdotally, my grandma has been in much better health since she found a doctor whose solution to all her issues wasn't just "lose weight." Sadly this is the treatment a lot of people receive.
  13. Basically being a confident fat lady is a daily struggle and please just listen to my experiences and don't patronize and try not to say body negative shit about anybody and don't tell me I look thinner and don't tell me if something is flattering and please just be a good ally
  14. Bye