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  1. On Thursday the season finale of The Good Place aired
  2. It stars Kristen Bell as a girl who does and goes to heaven - the good place.
    Ted Danson runs The Good Place.
  3. But it's a mistake. She sucks. She's supposed to be in the bad place.
  4. It's from Mike Schur who created Parks and Rec. and has many of the same writers. It also has Demi, one of the Gilmore Guys. So great pedigree here.
  5. I had never watched an episode until I saw people tweeting about how great the season finale was. I watched the twelve episode first season in the next two days.
  6. IT'S SO GOOD.
  7. It's funny and dark.
  8. The other main characters are hilarious and wonderful.
  9. And the season finale is one of the best first season finales ever.
  10. Go forth. Watch the Good Place.