I'm watching 52 movies by women directors this year and this is number one
  1. Omg so this is the Meddler
  2. Susan Sarandon plays a hilarious amazing Jersey mom whose husband recently died
  3. So she moves out to LA to be closer to her tv writer daughter, played by Rose Byrne
  4. And she meddles in everyone's lives
  5. It's very funny and very touching
  6. And I couldn't help but think that if it was about a widower instead of a widow it would've gotten more buzz
  7. Jk Simmons plays her perfect love interest
  8. Cecily Strong plays one of the many people whose lives she meddles in
  9. High key this was so good
  10. It's streaming on Starz, or you can rent it
  11. Byeeeeeee
  12. @lexzie is correct, the voiceover/voicemails are great