Inspired by @yikes
  1. Writes things on to-do list she's already done just so she can cross them off
  2. Takes forever to reply to your email
  3. Has read receipts on so she can feel better than you
  4. Buys notebooks then doesn't fill them
  5. Loves the feeling of cancelling plans
  6. Can never watch just one episode of Gilmore Girls
  7. Will tell you if you just sang the wrong lyrics
  8. Judges you for not liking Billy Joel
    Happened at work this week oops
  9. Thinks she's better than you because she reads more
    Also other reasons
  10. Values Internet likes too much
  11. Doesn't remove chipped nail polish because it pisses off her mom
  12. Thinks because she's self-aware that makes her OK
  13. 😁😁