Nothing wrong with the normal things most people are grateful for on this holiday. Just like the idea of something different on this day
  1. My Lucky, a lab shepherd rescue, is resting her head on my knees as I lie in bed. Her normal morning routine. My other dog is snoring. Not a bad way to greet the day.
  2. Waffle House. Great place to eat on thanksgiving eve... Great place to really be yourself anytime. Also you only really go to the Waffle House with people you really like.
  3. I can sleep in my own bed and still go to my mom's today. I love to travel but prefer to keep travel and relatives separate. Much simpler.
  4. Podcasts... Sports, humor, lifestyle... Keep me going
  5. This year... One of much love and learning and fun being in love and a relationship.
  6. Four days off in a row. This may be my favorite thing about thanksgiving. Self employed people don't get a lot of time off... Now to not over schedule and just enjoy!