maybe someone in li.stland can help 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  1. hi all. here's my 💩 situation...
  2. my ginormous king size bed-in-a-box foam mattress is on plywood
    -and has been x2 yrs 3 months
  3. it's been on plywood since I bought it
    there are no gaps - it's plywood over the slat frame from end to end. i.e. no breathable space under mattress. i have a thin sheet of some sort of poly material that came w/ the mattress I think (packaging material) but that's it.
  4. I didn't know it was made using super toxic formaldehyde 😖😫😠😡
    so now I feel like the dumbest person while simultaneously SUPER ANGRY that manufacturers don't disclose materials used in the process that may be hanging around (like ingredients lists on food).
  5. in any event... here i am.
    i've contacted two agencies that test for formaldehyde but haven't received a response. BAH.
  6. so if anyone can help...
  7. do I get rid of plywood & continue to use mattress?
    or does the foam absorb the formaldehyde fumes indefinitely? I don't know how these things work ☹️
  8. if I do get rid of plywood, will whatever formaldehyde that's possibly absorbed in foam the off gas once their is air circulating under mattress where plywood was?
    proud of myself for considering this since I feel like an idiot otherwise.
  9. or do I just get rid of both?
  10. will airing out mattress in a garage for a week (or other time frame) help?
    i hate to waste the investment if it can be salvaged. but am not opposed to sending it to the dump for my health.
    I appreciate your two cents from the bottom of my heart & formaldehyde exposed lungs 😖
  12. saw this at Target...
    it's supposed to be on products since 2009!! however, this is the first label I've seen it on.