live-ish list... Radiohead @ the Greek Theatre Berkeley

a two day extravaganza I've waited FOREVER for
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    Timeless cup suits my mood
    favorite coffee shop, favorite mug, favorite drink, favorite band ♥️
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    rain or shine people!
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    it's gonna be 🌧
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    View from seat...
    decided to sit since it's RAINING & i can stand among the people tomorrow when I'm not fucking sopping wet. meh.
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    bursting at the seams
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    wolf pack
    met *thee coolest guy* walking from BART to the Greek. we sat in line together (i.e. got rained on) waiting for his friend, who picked up a 6 pack on his way in 🙌🏼. totally acted our age by drinking beer in paper bags on the sidewalk - it was the best & totally made an amazing day all the better ♥️
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    day two...
    current status: hiding under umbrella causes it's ☀️☀️☀️
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    i waited four hours for this view
    not too bad considering the people standing next to me got there at 7am 😳
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    Desert Island Disk. crowd was still kind of shy & quiet so you could hear every note. i love this man.
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    This Mad Fucking Genius®
    seeing Jonny do his thing is something to behold. beyond brilliant. and maybe not of this earth.
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    i never realized how many times he changes instruments during a show + his vocals are spot on. that said, he totally made There There amazing.
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    mostly sat in the back with Phil. but this was one of the rare opportunities where he standing. unsung hero.
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    easily one of my top three drummers. kind of hard to see unless he's standing up but he ends up on the video feed a lot. his smile made my night.