vegan desserts, for the win! inspired by @andersun
  1. carrot cake
    cashew cream cheese frosting is the best thing that's happened to vegan treats. it's SO GOOD. 🙌🏼
  2. chocolate cake
    with a skosh of frosting. or plain. what can i say, i'm easy to please. 😂
  3. cheesecake!
    a rare treat to prevent my mind from exploding while contemplating the calorie count. cashew based. ridiculously good. 🐽
  4. raspberry pie with chocolate crust
    beyond words, people. 🏆
  5. vegan donut holes
    powdered, cinnamon sugar, plain cake... in that order. 🍩
  6. red velvet cupcakes
    smothered in frosting. cupcake size for some semblance of control. because i make this face when i see them 😍
  7. pumpkin pie
    hated it as a kid. super 😡 at myself when i realized all the years i missed out on this magic.
  8. strawberry shortcake, no whip
    just strawberries & a hot biscuit. heaven. 🍓
  9. chocolate chip peanut butter cookies
    my old roommate used to make these. we used to eat them until we got sick. that, my friends, is love. 🍪
  10. xo!