photo-a-day challenge 07.2017 🎇

  1. 07.01 a word
    it totally comes out in one word when you blurt it out in reaction to a cow bucking at you 😑
  2. 07.02 something i don't like
    1. PBR 2. at Whole friggin' Foods 3. on sale for the holiday 4. PBR Music?!? this is a thing?? 4. isn't the sale price pretty much what this rat pee in a can costs normally? 5. sorry not sorry PBR drinkers 🤗
  3. 07.03 something old
    went to a meeting at Cal State East Bay & stared at this the whole time because chemistry! 👩🏻‍🔬⚗️
  4. 07.04 patriotic
  5. 07.05 front door
    i love this moving truck! West Oakland. not exactly a front door but i'm going with it 😬
  6. 07.06 love is...
    built on & around cracks, different shades, bright in some parts, dull & fading in others, kinda misshapen but still nearly perfect. the reservoir near my place always has a way of redeeming a crap day with it's many treasures.
  7. 07.07 quiet
  8. 07.08 upside down
    baby's got the bends
  9. 07.09 feet
    i wore my road shoes *specifically* to stay on the paved trail tonight, which is a much easier run. but no, someone has dirt road fever & can't stay away.
  10. 07.10 key
    tools of the trade: leathers key + beer bottle opener
  11. 07.11 fruit
    i have peaches, nectarines, pluots, grapes, strawberries, bananas, apples, blueberries & raspberries in my fridge (hashtag california), but i'm most excited about this beauty ❤️🍉❤️
  12. 07.12 close up
    a teeny tiny bird beak poking out behind it's nest 😍
  13. 07.13 looking down
    dinner time at the res!
  14. 07.14 shadow
  15. 07.15 bag
    one of my Kate Spade bags that doesn't get nearly enough action. also, that's the face I make when I have too much wine & too much BART 🤗
  16. 07.16 rock
    this thing is HUGE & looks like it fell out of the sky onto the sandstone it sits upon 💚🌏💚🌎💚🌍
  17. 07.17 you
    i am truly sorry for this on some level... but this *always* makes me 😂😂😂
  18. 07.18 two
    my friend is fostering these littles... the teeny tiny calico is the mama - she's so small for a two year old! i've got a soft spot in my busted heart for her as i totally make that face and, also, this one 😾
  19. 07.19 entertainment
    Perfume Genius at The Independent in SF. They were amazing.
  20. 07.20 alone
    so, i *probably* should have checked photos i took before running off but i didn't want to get too comfortable with the not running. as per usual, i'm the sole human on this here trail. i like to run this way because i sometimes see coyotes in the shady grove behind me. ooowoooooooooooooooo!
  21. 07.21 nails
    i never use them... but keep a few of them around, just in case.
  22. 07.22 jump
    Sespe wilderness hike
  23. 07.23 in the mirror
  24. 07.24 out my window
    sickle cell moon tonight
  25. 07.25 transportation
    pulled up to this at a red light. feels appropriate. 😘
  26. 07.26 a is for...
    air fresheners. in trees. in San Francisco.
  27. 07.27 pink
  28. 07.28 drink
    everything but the kitchen sink sangria!
  29. 07.29 temperature
    when you're feeling inundated & buried alive... BAKE! 👩🏻‍🍳