photo-a-day challenge: may 2017

inspired by @Diplomatic_diva, @DG & @cvlop61 ♥️
  1. we'll just see about all this...
  2. 05.01 happy
  3. 05.02 shadows
    Piedmont Cemetery stairs. Where I spend about 30 min every time I run there. Hurts in the best way.
  4. 05.03 bent
    Reaching toward the morning sun in a canyon. Died trying. RIP little plant.
  5. 05.04 heights
    3800+ feet above sea level at Mt. Diablo
  6. 05.05 shallow
    rock statues & branch figure. walked across this creek because it's disappearing without rain. thankfully it was daytime because the Blair Witchiness of that stick thing would have weirded me out otherwise 🙀
  7. 05.06 drip
    tar on asphalt. some days i see a fairy scratching it's head, sometimes it reminds me of a grasshopper. i always stop to look at it.
  8. O5.07 on the wall
    fifth floor sunset
  9. 05.08 hands
    Joanna Newsom at Henry Miller Library. Brilliant. Magic. Mesmerizing. 💫
  10. 05.09 favorite color
    Orange and all it's many hues.
  11. 05.10 beautiful
    this is the Model 3. I've seen one prototype on the road (Tesla is a few cities over) & felt like I spotted a unicorn! cannot wait to bring mine home next year (🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 manufacturing goes well).
  12. 05.11 on the road
    Rolling deep with the H-Bomb
  13. 05.12 sweet
    stolen from the IG of one of Oakland's gems. I love this place... and this photo features all of my favorite things, scones front & center! always vegan, always hits the spot.
  14. 05.13 blue
    i totally make this face... especially at work 😂
  15. 05.14 black/white
    Bay Bridge at sunset.
  16. 05.15 tree
    -or bird in flight. either/or.
  17. 05.16 fluffy
    bottlebrush ❤️
  18. 05.17 time
    this is what happens when I run & text... good thing this was a leisurely maintenance run as my times are s-l-o-w 🤗
  19. 05.18 on my plate
    i try to start every day with a bowl of simple, good intentions. ♥️
  20. 05.19 painted
    Devil Cat. One of my prized possessions. From an art show featuring work from a local school for developmentally delayed folks. The art & artists were amazing!! ♥️
  21. 05.20 outside
    dragon shaped cloud shadow on the mountainside ☁️🐉♥️
  22. 05.21 hard work
    most the handoff i give includes all three. nursing!
  23. 05.22 hard work (again)
    it took me some convincing to climb 22 feet in the air. and some training to be able to incorporate 3 climbs into a workout. been thinking a lot about how i need to get back to this place, as i love the rope as much as running.
  24. 05.23 space
    mountain critters digs!
  25. 05.24 dark
    two buddies behind my place ♥️
  26. 05.25 a pet
    my mom's new baby & his mama. awkward knock kneed animals are the single sweetest thing in the world... look at that face!! ❤️😍❤️🐎❤️
  27. 05.26 motion
    hummingbird taking off in flight
  28. 05.27 a wish
    Got this email... flagged for research as I'm all sorts of high risk for The Big C. My wish is that we collectively move away from conventions that increase risks: unregulated waste & pollution, manufacturers using garbage chemicals, fucked off pesticides, etc. Cheap & convenient are not worth the risks. I've spent the majority of my adult life picking & choosing these battles. It just shouldn't be a fight.
  29. 05.28 a moment
    so much effort that went Into this... and making my way down. easily one of the most challenging single tracks I've been on: crawled under poison oak, bushwhacked a good 1/2 mile uphill, trail surfed on gravel along the mountainside & figured I'd be good & dead by the time someone found me (zero peeps x7 miles!). so when I got to the insanely windy peak... had a moment ⛰♥️
  30. 05.29 a pair
    Fairy Lantern. A rare lily that blooms in spring at Mt. Diablo. I love them.
  31. 05.30 dance
  32. 05.31 rough
    Our Darling Arthur. My favorite headstones at Piedmont Cemetery.