Photos On My Phone That Accurately Depict My Aesthetic

Inspired by all y'all
  1. pretty much sums up how I'm feeling...
    dry & prickly but with a slight glimmer of life.
  2. fallen star.
    can you wish on them once they hit the ground?
  3. passion flower!
    on the vine and in your face. i stop & stare every time i see them.
  4. cutest bear butt, ever.
    also, how i'm living. from IG i think... sorry person i'm not able to properly credit :/
  5. yep.
    my absurd sock collection is totally my mom's fault. it started with holiday socks when i was in high school... now i have a drawer full of moods.
  6. this guy.
    he's usually out hitting the cat food by 9pm, but sometimes i find him hanging out on the porch at 2am when I take my dog out. he's not particularly afraid of me or my big ass dog but not trying to make a connection either. frenemies?
  7. black tailed buddy!
    no matter how craptastic of a day i'm having, seeing these beautiful things fills my busted little heart with so much joy. they are exposed to people pretty regularly, so only the babies slot off (cute AF!!). 😍