plant based proteins + vegan good-to-eats i love

LR from @hillary79 ♥️... from the drafts archives!
  1. plant based proteins
    I spent my childhood on a ranch where we grew & raised everything. Consequently, at some point I realized where dinner came from. I was not impressed. Decided at a young age that -since I didn't have it in me to look something in the eye, kill it, skin it, gut it & cook it- I had no business eating it either. This was well over 20 yrs ago. Suffice it to say, plant based proteins have come a long way!
  2. Beyond Meat Strips
    I hella LOVE these. They no longer sell the refrigerated packs, so I thaw a frozen pack in the fridge overnight & dig in around lunch. I usually dip them in hummus as a low carb / high protein snack (20g per 6 strips). Or roll then in pita bread then dip. The bottom usually has shred up pieces, which is my excuse to have tacos as much as humanly possible 😬
  3. Baked tofu
    I make it myself... but also buy it packaged. Teriyaki is my go to, and I like Wildwood because the flavor is mild & not overpowering (Trader Joe's, I'm looking at you). Plus it's got 14g protein per cube. Nasoya teriyaki & sesame ginger are also tasty. I eat the bricks plain, dipped in hummus, make sammies, or cube & eat with rice/quinoa & veggies. Yum!
  4. Primal Strips
    These are kind of a random treat... I have to have some discipline & only buy a few at a time because it's hard to have just one if I'm home from a run & starving + impatient. Some are seitan based, some are soy, so texture varies (I prefer soy - it's more chewy). Hot & spicy is my fave but I like them all.
  5. Tofurkey Chick'n
    Dude. This stuff is GOOD. I pretty much like everything Tofurkey makes, but... these little chunks of love are my favorite. This particular flavor is my favorite... I use it in tacos, over noodles or stuffed in a pita w/ hummus. LOVE. Oh and 23g protein per serving!
  6. Beyond Meat Beast Burgers
    Super satisfying. Nice smokey flavor (I think... I suck at differentiating things like that, but they kinda taste BBQ-grillish). Feels like you've eaten something substantial - as opposed to veggie burgers that leave you hungry in an hour. I should mention that I run a lot, so I'm hungry a lot, to be fair to other veggie burgers... Boca vegan non-gmo burgers (17g protein), Whole Foods 365 meatless patties (11g protein) & Gardein meatless burgers (14g protein) are all decent choices 😋
  7. Hodo Soy Yuba Strips
    Not sure if these are a regional thing or not, but sweet goodness, these are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. As are the spicy flavored ones. I eat them w rice or quinoa + broccoli. I have a Costco membership just to buy them in bulk. They are *that good* people.
  8. Miscellaneous Vegan Good-to-Eats
    in constant rotation...
  9. Hummus
    I alway *always* always have hummus in my kitchen. I use it instead of Vegenaise on sammies & burgers (unless I'm dying for ketchup & mustard) dip tofu & protein strips in it, dip veggies in it (celery & red bells ❤️), use it as a taco base if I don't really want beans (so good!). And smother it on these...
  10. Crackers
    I buy these a lot. Also Mary's Gone Crackers and Van's Perfect 10, both of which are gluten free. Chips are pretty much my weakness, so I've made a consorted effort to get my crunch fix with crackers and/or this wonderful stuff...
  11. Popcorn
    Technically a whole grain snack! I dust it with nutritional yeast for a more buttery / nutty flavor. I always have this bag or the reduced fat & sodium version from Whole Foods in my cabinet. 🍿❤️!
  12. Earth Balance chips
    These are the devil! I wish I could find them in a snack size because I have no control. I especially like them with sammies because I'm all about the deli experience at home 😂
  13. Go Macro Bars
    These are some good shit! Not too sweet & they always hit the spot. I always take them in my pack when I hike, as emergency food when I travel & 1/2 a bar in my lunch bag when I go to work. Protein Pleasure, Everlasting Joy & Protein Pleasure are my favorite. Gluten free if that's your gig ♥️
  14. Go Raw Spouted Cookies
    I pick these up quite a lot... they are small & sweet enough to tame the beast but also seem kinda healthy, so I can lie to myself about what I'm eating. I tend to shove a handful in my mouth after a long run for a quick sugar fix. The carrot cake ones are also decent & my person swears by the savory flavors & bars.
  15. Little tubs of frozen love
    Yes, yes indeed! A dear old friend & I were just discussing the sad old days of vegan ice cream options...20 years ago, all we had was Tofutti (super good) & Rice Dream. Now you can choose from almond v. cashew v. coconut v. soy bases. So Delicious has been my go to for years... featured because they have a lot of options/flavors. However, Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie is out of this world.
  16. Miyoko's Vegan Mozz
    GAME CHANGER. I've tried every vegan cheese out there & these folks make some good stuff! I love the mozz because I can make my own pizza at home... melts like a dream & tastes great. Their spreadables are solid, but I prefer this stuff...
  17. Heidi Ho Ne Chèvre
    Pure & Black Lava... ridiculous. I spread it on crackers or a baguette when I'm in the mood. One of my guilty pleasures is garden herb Triscuits & this stuff 😽
  18. Follow Your Heart slices & shreds
    While Daiya will always have a special place in my heart, this is what I use for pizza (cheddar alone or w the Miyoko's mozz) & sammies (American or provolone usually). Daiya *does* melt better, but I like the flavor of FYH better.
  19. Nutrition Yeast, of course
  20. Follow Your Heart Thousand Island
    Dude. So good. Upped my veggie burger & fries game exponentially.