Inspired by @andersun & @jennifergster + my sweet kitty Chicken, RIP
  1. meow fast & loud when you get home to tell you about all the napping I've done
  2. put my fluffy butt in your face, to let you know I care
  3. spin in circles in the litter box trying to find the perfect spot, stand in said spot & then proceed to do my business outside the box
  4. pounce on the bed when you're sleeping
  5. and when you finally fall back asleep, dramatically groom myself so that I wake you up again
  6. pee on something you love if you go on vacation, just so you know I missed you
  7. pee on anything plastic to show you that I'm smart & have connected that plastic = litter box
  8. sleep on all your freshly washed clothes because they look sad without my long white hair all over them
  9. eat something I shouldn't then throw up all over the middle of the rug while you're asleep just so you can slip in it when you're up
  10. knock over your glass of water so I can watch it run because physics!
  11. sleep in things that will stick to my fur because I know how much you like to pick it out