things I've learned on list

in no particular order & a work in progress... ain't nobody got time to make a proper list! a long ago LR from your favorite & mine @veshecco ♥️
  1. never underestimate the power of connecting with random strangers
    you wonderful people are scattered throughout the world... i appreciate the myriad perspectives 🌎🌍🌏
  2. interactions with variable generations is a good thing
    i've seen so much of myself in younger people & empathize with their struggles + appreciate the calm acceptance & knowing of some of our more experienced listers. and super relate to folks that are my age. it's a wonderful gift 💝.
  3. drafts mean everything. to everyone.
    there's been a decline in posts, which I blame on no mas drafts. people put a lot of heart & soul into lists... it's hard to sit & write them when you know you can't save, revisit, edit & post. adding/editing once published is a nice option, but isn't the same as draft availability 😐.
  4. series lists are the best!
    i appreciate & look forward to posts by my favorite listers. bumper stickers, books, concerts, comedy specials... bring it!! 📱📝
  5. it's a safe space for people to work out deeply personal stuff
    i love that people feel comfortable sharing & the fact that people are so supportive. some of the most poignant words of wisdom i've ever read have been on list 💞.
  6. LRs make you feel special
    need i say more? 🌈🦄
  7. GIFs, photos & emojis make lists memorable
    i have 😂😳😣😱🤔😬🙌🏼👏🏼+♥️ so many lists because of the strong GIF/photo/emoji game. y'all are a witty, funny, sarcastic group! i would try to capture this in GIF/photo, but the damn app isn't cooperating. figures, right?
  8. there are TWO li.stbots traveling the world
    see 1st entry... SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS. it speaks volumes about the community that's been cultivated 🤖✈️📷🔄