things that taste like my childhood

inspired by my aHa! moment when i realized the vegan chick'n strips i've been eating remind me of the Price Club (RIP) chicken patties i ate with reckless abandon as a kid.
  1. Happy Meals circa the 80s
    I made my mom pick every single onion out of that ketchup splat on the bottom of the bun. Because if I bit into one, I'd cry. I was totally that kid.
  2. Pepsi
    The tall glass bottles & this squatty thing with a styrofoam label. Which I would peel apart in meticulous strips. The OCD is strong in this one!
  3. Cigarette gum
    One sad little sugar puff cloud per chewy ass tube of horribly flavored gum. Pretty awesome these were a thing.
  4. Patatas fritas
    Portuguese grandma style, fried in a cast iron skillet that's older than me! She's 81 & will make them for her favorites. I took this pic & group msg'd my cousins "don't hate." 😽
  5. Burnt bacon
    My mom legit can't cook. Nothing like following the smell of bacon only to find a sad plate of heartbreak.
  6. Snow cones
    Sometimes from this, sometimes from the ice cream truck creeper guy. Brain freeze + sugar high is a beautiful thing! 👾
  7. Tang
    Until this very moment, I had no idea this crap was marketed as an "instant breakfast drink." It never quite dissolved so the last few gulps were Shock Tart-y 😝 Forced to drink it, so I made it as annoying as possible by stirring constantly... with gusto!
  8. Quik strawberry
    The only way I would drink milk. Wasn't into the chocolate version oddly enough... no, I preferred the tantalizing taste of artificial strawberry. Pretty sure I drank a fair amount of rust from the can. The oxidized iron probably made it more nutritious.
  9. Homemade tortillas & beans
    My dad was the baby of the family, therefore the favorite. Every weekend, my grandma would cook a pot of beans, potatoes & make tortillas. She always had a 5 gallon bucket of lard. Enough said.
  10. Stale 10 lb bag of Price Club tortilla chips
    They had a pretty distinct flavor to begin with. But once they were stale -which happened fast since its a friggin' 10 lb bag- they were wholly unenjoyable. But we didn't waste food because there were people starving & we should be grateful to have food. True, true... but the chickens didn't even want to eat them (I tried!).
  11. XO lovelies 😘