today in procrastination

  1. four loads of laundry ✅
    piled nicely on the foot of my bed... folding is for late night paper avoidance.
  2. recycling, composting & trash curbed ✅
    not due for pickup until Monday but why not?
  3. rearranged rugs & furniture ✅
    second time this month, I'm on a roll!
  4. vacuumed & mopped ✅
    which I also did Sunday, in avoidance of writing.
  5. unloaded & reloaded dishwasher ✅
    dishes are the bane of my existence... I *hate* them. me getting them done speaks volumes about how deeply I do not want to work on school BS.
  6. spent extra time with this mug ✅
    she was not thrilled about being woken up from a nap. 😬
  7. listed ✅
    which will apparently be much easier on the eyes with the📱7 I've been researching (✅).
  8. and... nap time!