Best Coloring Books

I'm over this mandala bullshit. @airstephanie knows what. @doesntmattr does too!
  1. Forbidden Activity for Neglected Children by Skinner
  2. Unicorns are Jerks by Theo Nicole Lorenz
  3. Thrill Murray
  4. The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book
  5. Cannabis Fantasy
  6. The Indie Rock Coloring Book by Yellow Bird Project
  7. My Adderall and Benzos of coloring books
  8. the hipster coloring book by Charlotte Farmer (surprisingly hilarious!)
  9. This is my life now.
  10. The Uncolored Coloring Book by Matt French
    Colored by @doesntmattr!
  11. Color this Book by Abbi Jacobson
  12. Rap Coloring by Shea Serrano
  13. Sex Position Coloring book
  14. Crystal Babbies
  15. Relaxing Men's Colorig Book Barbara Appleby
  16. Off the Bookshelf
  17. Color Me Swoon by Mel Elliot
  18. Tolkien's World
  19. Outside the Lines (Too)
  20. steampunk coloring book