1. The Godfather
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  2. Eternal Sunshine
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    I would have bought this for me in college.
  3. Scanners
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  4. Apocalypse Now
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  5. Weekend at Bernie's
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  6. The Shining
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  7. Casablanca
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  8. Elephant Man
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  9. Airplane
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  10. Chinatown
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  11. Butch Cassidy
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  12. The Exorcist
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    Possession is when the devil shits in your head.
  13. Rosemary's Baby
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    @angusisley this one?
  14. Rosemary's Baby
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    Part 2!
  15. The Muppet Movie
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    I will own this someday
    Suggested by @vp
  16. Angel Heart
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    Oh god, remember this?
  17. Aliens
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  18. Terms of Endearment
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    "Bitches on the phone with their big mouths."
  19. Cabaret
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  20. The Tall Men
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    Suggested by @notalexreid