If memory serves...
  1. "Ummm...Ross?"
    *flip hair like Aniston*
  2. "But I thought we killed at the upfronts!"
    This is a funny "industry" joke so make sure they are on the level otherwise it's a wasted zinger.
  3. "U R 2 Broken 2 Break"
    Name of first single, plz download from iTunes.
  4. "Baby, shhhh..."
    "...shhhhut up your stupid mouth."
  5. "Well we'll see what my analyst says about THIS, buddy!"
  6. "Is that like the time between the mid-season finale and the mid-season premiere?"
    Another A+++ joke.
  7. "I wish you had said something before I went and adopted that puggle you wanted. Guess I'll have to return Snuggles...do you know if NYC has any no-kill shelters?"
  8. 😜
  9. "No."
  10. "I'm married?"
    Yeah I think that "break" worked wonders.
  11. Wait two months then:
    "Sorry, new phone. Who dis?"