Characters That I Really Modeled a Lot of My Behavior on, Unfortunately

  1. Maxine, Being John Malkovich
    "Here's the thing, Craigy. Even if you had me, you wouldn't have a CLUE what to do with me." Man, she was just really a mean person for no reason! But I remember my dad saying that it was really cute how she smiled after saying the meanest shit, and I guess I decided to take that advice but ignore the smiling part.
  2. Marla Singer, Fight Club
    I know, I know. Join the (fight) club. But who doesn't secretly wish they could get away with being that hot of a mess?
  3. Rayanne, My So-Called Life
    So in addition to being mean to guys and looking like shit, I also really wanted to be the world's worst friend. God, what's my damage?
  4. Clementine, Eternal Sunshine
    Really put the manic in manic pixie dream girl. None of those hair colors worked out well for me, by the way.
  5. Audrey, Twin Peaks
    Even though my analyst says I'm much more of a Laura....guess I never saw myself as a blonde.
  6. Drusilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    I can see a bunch of you going like, "aw, because it's your name?" Haha, no. No it wasn't, until I moved right before high school and decided "Sara Grant" didn't really reflect my Whedon-Esque sensibilities. (Also, Drew is my middle name. It's not TOTALLY made up.)
  7. Carrie, Carrie
    To my dismay, nobody was that mean to me in HS and I got my period at 12, so there was no chance for my latent telekinesis to kick in.
  8. Eponine, Les Mis
    I was so thirsty for dudes I would sometimes wish they'd fall in love with someone else just so I could take a bullet for them and THEN they'd be sorry!!
  9. Fairuza Balk, The Craft
    Actually managed to manifest a reasonable facsimile to this character, so it all worked out! @doesntmattr
  10. Sorsha, Willow
    The ultimate. She was like the chick version of Ramsay Bolton and she ruled so fucking hard.
  11. Run, do not walk!
    Suggested by   @Aliiice
  12. Darlene, Roseanne
    Suggested by   @Aliiice
  13. Sam, Garden State
    Suggested by   @suesmith