For some reason when I realized I had an analyst and not a normal therapist I got super thrilled : we (I) can talk about LITERALLY ANYTHING
  1. "Do you think Vince Gilligan believes in God?"
  2. What do you think my FBI profile would look like if I was still me but also a serial killer?
  3. Which of my parents is exaggerating more about the time they (separately) joined a cult?
  4. Do you think Manson would have even liked my dad?
  5. How young is too young to plan your Grey Gardens phase with a sibling? Is it okay to get really happy about the idea that one day everyone will be dead and your sister has to hang out with you and a raccoon?
  6. What musical do you imagine I liked first?
  7. Do you imagine my friends being prettier than me when I describe them?
  8. Am I famous? I mean, relatively? To like, someone not on SVU for two seconds tonight?
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  9. Would I be a better lawyer or priest?
  10. What job would I have been the best at in an Oregon Trails scenario?
  11. Do I seem Jewish?