She's basically the only jewelry designer whose pieces I buy, and even though they are a little $$, if you sign up for newsletter, they always have 40% sales and buy one get one free deals.
  1. Mermaid sword. This is the next piece I want.
    4f625eef a2b3 447d b5b8 f33e5e3a0010
  2. My fave/only earrings.
    Af220b82 355f 4e47 82d5 000735347820
  3. T-Rex eating fried chicken. My dad got it for my bday gift.
    71683cf0 afd6 4dfd a93f 6fd700e80b93
  4. My purchase today (40 % discount)!! Notice they were worn on Girls! Cc @lenadunham
    Aa0ea30b e69f 4f8f 9ba2 68583344ae27
  5. Baby ring
    659a4bf2 abd4 4c21 86be 857eab0fff1c
  6. Spine duster. I don't think these are conducive to typing, but you tell me!
    8eca0eb4 defd 4268 ae06 ab1dedb12b34
  7. Voodoo bones
    D8e5aadf deba 47b9 ab3a a4484776013b
  8. Woman on llama
    7e3642a3 2771 4dd4 885c 7f050506ce49
  9. Finger/yogi ring.
    C392ee86 398f 4358 b973 2bfa7768fa3d
  10. Rib cage with freedom bird in its chest.
    Cce8fc2a 7a3e 4052 a614 66e10c1cb878
  11. Godzilla robot
    2a45913a 91d7 49db 8752 7342450bc8e1
  12. Bird under-ring. Again, I worry about typing abilities, but...
    F607dc12 9e39 4274 8c19 f9c037f84d42
  13. Pigeon perch ring. These ones that stand atop the band are wild.
    96b0f8e0 7bbd 4177 87e0 ad95a6c601e9
  14. Baby Nightmare on Elm Street.
    2feceb4b 8ab6 453f 9cbc b1df4566eabf
  15. The Owls are not what they appear.
    A1b824d0 b148 457d b705 c61776350ab7
  16. Octopus sushi rings. God, this is on top of my list as well.
    0b440d36 a463 44ca 9abf d0b04623ccd5
  17. Baby deer!
    38d0d99d f914 48b6 832b 2b3c3283bcbe
  18. Yes, brass knuckles of adorable puppies. You catching my drift.
    08306609 d8b0 4f2d a383 ef15cfb82771
  19. "Power animal"
    B7d3fa28 59c0 41c6 9929 8eb42ad36212
  20. Cat on a hot tin ring.
    C7a01096 7188 4f76 a951 3d0d26627e52
  21. You taste like a burger I don't like you anymore. I LOVE you!
    63fc0f4a eddd 45df 9014 e4e3fd949f72
  22. Animal farm necklace I saw an author at Riverhead wearing.
    9688c44d 51fe 4d58 bbcd 6605368bdf3e
  23. First piece I bought.
    18d8e20e aaad 43a1 8805 075f83727821
  24. Ladder bracelet
    94475af9 800a 405f a381 54f5e9e0d2e4
    This can/is worn by normals/non-goths like @kbsmoke.
  25. Rock angel. Awesome, unaffordable statement piece.
    0cf951b9 0ba7 4ffc 8d6f 90442774673a
  26. Triceratops
    326e31f7 ddd3 487c a7b5 520420647cd2
  27. "Vmoji rings" are adorbs and most affordable!
    4d908956 92ad 4a3c b351 0483e68e4e93
  28. Great for stacking!
    E869b84e e5f3 45fb a63a 3b8c34d7f29a
  29. Have this piece; didn't know it was from her because I stole it from my friend Maureen.
    0d6c4ebd 8eac 4d4d bc05 6262c1122009
  30. Dino hug claws!
    51c847c3 3f4d 4990 80ef 108da5881a32
  31. Baby necklace
    B283f275 b961 4ff4 add4 34f544a81134
  32. Antler magic.
    E8784321 b3f2 4f59 8122 eaaabdc3c0e1
  33. Delicate skull
    Dc815ae8 02f2 4389 a9dd 586dc02673b0
  34. Hump day necklace
    Cade895e 7c2a 4289 a9da cf1d60c61a66
  35. Hardcore kitty.
    5612718c ad5f 4313 bc9a 7798a7527116
  36. Sssssnake!
    Fb34d587 3288 4ec1 b872 7087e47b832d
  37. This comes in necklace, ring and bracelet form!
    822d5878 2447 42ed 8fe5 5091f12b5901
  38. Steak
    8f265d14 d9e1 4a63 865b e4e9acfd12c7
  39. 7306eaeb b7d9 41dd a518 bfafaf5e162d
  40. Scissors
    9353e984 1c9f 4bd6 955a d13c7f02802a