Creepy Cool Catolog of My Fave Verameat Accessories

She's basically the only jewelry designer whose pieces I buy, and even though they are a little $$, if you sign up for newsletter, they always have 40% sales and buy one get one free deals.
  1. Mermaid sword. This is the next piece I want.
  2. My fave/only earrings.
  3. T-Rex eating fried chicken. My dad got it for my bday gift.
  4. My purchase today (40 % discount)!! Notice they were worn on Girls! Cc @lenadunham
  5. Baby ring
  6. Spine duster. I don't think these are conducive to typing, but you tell me!
  7. Voodoo bones
  8. Woman on llama
  9. Finger/yogi ring.
  10. Rib cage with freedom bird in its chest.
  11. Godzilla robot
  12. Bird under-ring. Again, I worry about typing abilities, but...
  13. Pigeon perch ring. These ones that stand atop the band are wild.
  14. Baby Nightmare on Elm Street.
  15. The Owls are not what they appear.
  16. Octopus sushi rings. God, this is on top of my list as well.
  17. Baby deer!
  18. Yes, brass knuckles of adorable puppies. You catching my drift.
  19. "Power animal"
  20. Cat on a hot tin ring.
  21. You taste like a burger I don't like you anymore. I LOVE you!
  22. Animal farm necklace I saw an author at Riverhead wearing.
  23. First piece I bought.
  24. Ladder bracelet
    This can/is worn by normals/non-goths like @kbsmoke.
  25. Rock angel. Awesome, unaffordable statement piece.
  26. Triceratops
  27. "Vmoji rings" are adorbs and most affordable!
  28. Great for stacking!
  29. Have this piece; didn't know it was from her because I stole it from my friend Maureen.
  30. Dino hug claws!
  31. Baby necklace
  32. Antler magic.
  33. Delicate skull
  34. Hump day necklace
  35. Hardcore kitty.
  36. Sssssnake!
  37. This comes in necklace, ring and bracelet form!
  38. Steak
  39. Scissors