Crystals I Bought Back From LA

  1. First of all: this place is the JAM.
    Thanks to @emjuko for turning me on to it.
  2. Titanium quartz
    For YOLO.
  3. Black tourmaline
    To get out the bad vibes. Set to specific, not general like @stamos' black obsidian.
  4. Orange calcite
    Work, bruh.
  5. Aqua aura Quartz
    Trying to get more in touch with dream world and how to exist/be lucid in it.
  6. Clear apophyllite
    Also for the dream world.
  7. Clear quartz
    Master class.
  8. Selenite
    Self-cleaning crystals.
  9. All dem crystals (plus smudging feather and Santo Palo.)
  10. Tourmalited quartz
    Just like, an actual forcefield/bubble.
  11. Purple quartz
    Quiet the mind/ helps with addictive behavior.
  12. Rose Quartz for attraction