@kbsmoke and I discovered our bodies, ourselves
  1. I don't like intimacy!
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  3. Now I'm by myself! Finally, some time to think!
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  4. I see you seeing me seeing you and I don't like it.
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  5. But actually, since you are here, can you help me get out of this situation I put myself in?
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  6. I know what I said earlier about "wanting to do it all by myself." I KNOW WHAT I SAID.
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  7. Okay, well, if you REALLY liked me, you would come all the way up HERE to listen to me complain about my sinus infection/husband/Virgin airline miles.
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  8. Wait. WAIT. You are actually coming to say hi? But what...what could I possibly give to you that you would want? DON'T COME ANY CLOSER.
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  9. Maybe I will just stop questioning why you like me and just like you, too.
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