1. Bergamot
    (noun) an oily substance made out of the rind of a dwarf orange, used in cosmetics
  2. gouache
    (noun) a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a glue-like substance
  3. Exegesis
    (noun) critical explanation or interpretation of a text; esp scripture
  4. Bulwark
    (noun) a defensive wall
  5. cantilever
    (noun) a long, projecting beam or girder, fixed at only one end, used typically in bridge construction
  6. parabola
    (noun) a symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side. The path of a projectile under the influence of gravity ideally follows a curve of this shape
  7. Febrile
    (adj) having symptoms of a fever
  8. macadam
    (noun) broken stones of equal size used in succession compacted layers to form roads or paths, and typically bound with tar or bitumen
  9. Loam
    (noun) a fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus
  10. hoary
    (adj) grayish white
  11. miasma
    (noun) a highly unpleasant smell or vapor
  12. hok
    (noun) biblical law for which there is no apparent logic
  13. kitchari
    (Noun) south Asian dish made from rice and lentils
  14. Fetish (this one just really surprised me!!)
    (noun) an inanimate object worshipped for its supposed magical powers or because it's considered to be inhabited by a spirit
  15. winnow
    (verb) blow current of air through (grain) to remove the chaff
  16. damask
    (noun) a figured woven fabric with a pattern visible on both sides, typically used in linen and upholstery
  17. Hale
    (adj) strong and healthy
  18. Antic
    (adj) grotesque or bizarre
  19. pabulum
    (noun) bland or insipid intellectual fare, esp entertainment
  20. Oleo
    (noun) another name for margarine
  21. Polyphasic
    (adverb) consisting or occurring in a number of stages
  22. Enneagram
    (noun) a nine-sided figure used in a particular system of analysis to represent the spectrum of personality types
  23. Stipple
    (verb) to mark with numerous small dots or freckles
  24. cruciferous
    (adj) in botany, of, relating to, or denoting plants of the cabbage family
  25. Chevrons
    (noun) a line or stripe shaped like a v or an inverted v, esp one worn on sleeve of a uniform indicating rank or length of service
  26. unguent
    (noun) soft greasy or viscous substance used as ointment or for lubrication
  27. hematoma
    (noun) a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissue
  28. ruff
    (noun) a projected starch frill worn around the collar
  29. capricious
    (adj) given to sudden and unaccountable changes in mood or behavior
  30. cumulonimbus
    (noun) a cloud forming a towering mass with a flat base at a fairly low altitude and often a flat top, as in a thunderstorm
  31. heliotrope
    (noun) plant in the borage family, cultivated for its blue and purple flowers; used in perfume
  32. aegis
    (noun) under the direction or support of a person or organization
  33. bandy
    (adj) of a person's legs; curved so they are wide apart at the knee
  34. bougainvillea
    (noun) an ornamental climbing plant that is widely cultivated in the tropics
  35. pampas
    (noun) extensive, treeless plains in South Africa
  36. l’oeil
    (noun) visual illusion in art, esp used to trick or deceive the eye into perceiving painted details as 3-dimensional objects
  37. swains
    (noun) a country youth
  38. bowdlerized
    (verb) remove material thought to improper or offensive in text or account, with the effect of it becoming weaker
  39. Mammon
    (noun) wealth regarded as an evil influence or false object of worship and devotion
  40. juddered
    (verb) shake and vibrate rapidly and with force
  41. Pilasters
    (noun) a rectangular column
  42. mooncalf
    (noun) a foolish person
  43. thaumaturge
    (noun) a worker of owners and miracles; a magician
  44. colonnade
    (noun) a row of columns supporting a roof
  45. Labile
    (adj) spontaneous to change
  46. Punic
    (adj) of or relating to Carthage. (N) the ancient language of Carthage; relating to Phoenician
  47. Arglebargle
    (noun) copious but meaningless talk or writing; nonsense
  48. palaver
    (noun) prolonged and idle discussion
  49. Trifid
    (noun) in science fiction, a large plant which is capable of growing to a gigantic size and has locomotive capacity or poisonous sting
  50. prurience
    (Adj) having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters
  51. Inimical
    (adj) tending to obstruct or harm
  52. Quasar
    (noun) a very large and very far away celestial body, emitting massive amounts of energy
  53. sibyl
    (Noun) a woman in ancient times who acted as an oracle
  54. Repple-Depple
    (noun) replacement depot; a military unit containing reserves or replacements for troops in the front-line formations
  55. Quaff
    (verb) drink
  56. Scrofula
    (adj) a disease of glandular swelling
  57. eldritch
    (adj) weird, sinister or ghostly
  58. Hasp
    (noun) a slotted hinged metal plate that forms a fastening for a door or lid and is fitted over a metal loop and secured by a padlock
  59. Croupier
    (noun) the person in charge of a gaming table, gathering in and taking out money or tokens
  60. Mufti
    :(noun) a Muslim legal expert empowered to give rulings on religious matters; Military in Civilian clothes
  61. Palliative
    (Adj) relieving pain or alleviating symptoms without treating underlying cause
  62. esprit de corps
    (noun) a feeling of pride, fellowship and loyalty shared by a specific group
  63. Archon
    (noun) any ruler
  64. Harrow
    (noun) a large implement consisting with a heavy frame set with tines or teeth that is dragged over plowed land to break up clods, remove weeds and cover seed
  65. Rennet
    (noun) curdled milk from the stomach of an unweaned calf containing rennin and used in curdling milk for cheese
  66. perspicuous
    (adj) clearly stated and easily understood: lucid
  67. xenology
    (noun) the scientific study of alien biology
  68. sepulchrally
    (adj) of or relating to a tomb or interment
  69. syncretic
    (noun) the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different schools of thought, religion or cultures
  70. ethnobotany
    (noun) the scientific study of traditional knowledge and customs of a people concerning plants and their medical, religious and other uses
  71. defenestration
    (noun) formal; the act of throwing someone out the window Informal; the act of dismissing someone from a seat of power
  72. Toque
    (noun) a small white hat with a pouched top, worn by chefs
  73. fan-tan
    (noun) Chinese gambling game where players try to guess at the remainder after a banker divides a number of hidden objects into four groups
  74. highbinder
    (noun) an unscrupulous person
  75. cortege
    (noun) a solemn profession, esp at a funeral
  76. gunsels
    (noun) a criminal carrying a gun
  77. fusillade
    (noun) a series of shots fired in quick succession
  78. Lashings
    (noun, plural) a copious amount of something
  79. solecism
    (noun) a grammatical mistake in speech or writing
  80. lariat
    (noun) a rope used as a lasso for tethering
  81. sobriquet
    (noun) nickname
  82. faro
    (noun) a gambling game where players guess on the order their cards will appear
  83. Bunkum
    (noun) nonsense
  84. nimbus
    (noun) a luminous cloud of halo surrounding a supernatural being or Saint
  85. equanimity
    (noun) mental calmness, composure, and an evenness of temper, esp in a difficult situation
  86. garrulous
    (adj) excessively talkative, esp about trivial matters
  87. Voluble
    (adj) speaking or spoken incessantly and fluently
  88. larkspur
    (noun) a Mediterranean version of the buttercup family with spiked leaves
  89. anorak
    (noun) waterproof jacket with a hood
  90. ultramarine
    (noun) a brilliant deep blue pigment associated with lapis lazuli
  91. pitons
    (noun) a peg or a spike driven into a rock or a crack for a climber or rope
  92. chocks
    (noun) a wedge placed against a rock or a wheel to prevent it from moving
  93. Dishabille
    (noun) the state of being partially undressed or scantily clothed
  94. vitrines
    (noun) glass display cases
  95. midges
    (noun) a small winged fly that is often seen in marsh or boggy regions
  96. kudzu
    (noun) a quick-growing Asian plant with red-growing flowers used as fodder crop or erosion soil. It has become a terrible pest in the southeast United States
  97. vaunted
    (verb) boast about or praise
  98. bêche-de-mer
    (noun) edible sea cucumber
  99. copra
    (noun) dried coconut kernels, from which oil is obtained.