1. It takes the form of "Silent Hill meets Insidious" cliche warning tropes
    @stamos asked me as the radio blasted with static when I walked through, "are you haunted?" THANK YOU, YES
  2. It's future ghost me
    We had a whole convo about it on the ride home. That I took. By myself. Laughing the entire time like a well-adjusted person. Or maybe Tony from The Shining? Which is the same thing as future ghost you, now that I think about it.
  3. It just won @Jack $200
    "You're like a full-sized monkey's paw." YES THANK YOU!
  4. Slendercough
    Worst part, IMHO.
  5. It kept playing @Urbaniak's Getting On podcast on car drive home because it knows that I DONT DO PODCASTS but of course I'll never turn him off.
    Plus it was such a good episode I kept being like "FUCK OFF WAZE"