Home Screen: Explained

thanks to @Nicholas for starting a new ListTrend!
  1. So here is what the background photo looks like. Taken from my second page; no judgments.
    It's from an artist that @sophia sent me, who I'm ashamed to admit I've lost the name for. (Help?!)
  2. First page
    Hi I'm drew. I love adderall and panic attacks. So...
  3. I think it's cute when you guys need to explain your 4 unread emails.
  4. Oh I'm hella arbitrary about my boxes. Here's stuff that Apple comes with and you can't erase. I call it "Apple Di Do"
  5. Haha I don't even know how this happened.
  6. Or the fact that I have two folders of productivity and this one is only slightly more Productive.
  7. Movies, music and here's hoping the last word is "Productivity."
  8. Games is the only folder that makes sense.
    Five nights at Freddie's shoutout!
  9. Haha let's just move on shall we?
  10. Remind me why we're all doing this again?
    This might be worse than our food journaling, guys.
  11. Page 2
    I actually love this page. @stamos have we discussed Weed Maps?!