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  1. So here is what the background photo looks like. Taken from my second page; no judgments.
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    It's from an artist that @sophia sent me, who I'm ashamed to admit I've lost the name for. (Help?!)
  2. First page
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    Hi I'm drew. I love adderall and panic attacks. So...
  3. I think it's cute when you guys need to explain your 4 unread emails.
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  4. Oh I'm hella arbitrary about my boxes. Here's stuff that Apple comes with and you can't erase. I call it "Apple Di Do"
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  5. Haha I don't even know how this happened.
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  6. Or the fact that I have two folders of productivity and this one is only slightly more Productive.
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  7. Movies, music and here's hoping the last word is "Productivity."
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  8. Games is the only folder that makes sense.
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    Five nights at Freddie's shoutout!
  9. Haha let's just move on shall we?
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  10. Remind me why we're all doing this again?
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    This might be worse than our food journaling, guys.
  11. Page 2
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    I actually love this page. @stamos have we discussed Weed Maps?!