1. The Source Family (Netflix)
    About a very, very different kind of cult.
  2. The Family by Ed Sanders
    Dude, Manson learned a LOT about Scientology growing up in jail. Let's talk after you read this. The only Manson book better than Helter Skelter.
  3. The Master
    No d'uh. But it's like three times longer so if you want that kind of thing.
  4. Cuban custody court.
  5. Kimmy Schmidt
  6. Dinner with two friends who are in The same UCB class.
  7. The Sacrament
    Oh my god. We need another Jonestone comeback so we can send our Vice reporters there.
  8. Go look at a Mormon church. Those are weird looking too!
  9. Who is this movie for? People who didn't believe Scientology was cray?
  10. Sorry: this got off-track.
  11. But seriously: what is this even trying to tell me?
  12. Jesus Camp (2006)
    Suggested by @KateRoberts