Haha I'm imagining @stamos standing over @mandi, witholding a meat plate till she promises to put the 💯 in headline)
  1. Finding @emjuko and @Jack the perfect gifts and cards for bday.
    Jack I have the sweatshirt. But also HAVE YOU GUYS OPENED YOUR CARDS?!
  2. Lunch at Joan's w/ @liana and @richardrushfield. Suddenly @richardrushfield goes "LISTER!" (Or something equivalent.) turns out @jon was walking right by us.
    So it was like this pre-meet-up meetup.
  3. @Z and I pushing ListBoundaries and taking ourselves out of the ListComfortZone.
  4. @hollis. Everything about the conversation @liana and I had with this sexy, charming woman.
    At the end of the night @liana asked for her number which a) I've never seen Liana ask for ANYONE's number and b) I was like "bitch beat me to it!"
  5. @MissBicks coming up and demanding her awkward hug. She was rewarded generously.
  6. Me explaining that @fisackerly should be proud of himself for being a straight man infiltrating a community of intimidatingly cool women and gay men. (That is ListApp demo, right!)
  7. Forcing everyone to witness Peak @johnnyartpants and @videodrew's edition of Crossfire.
  8. The bemused way @onlinealison went with it when I confused her for @MirandaBerman and started talking about how I shouldn't be her Adderall role model.
  9. Oversharing a little too much with @emjuko but realizing that it's okay, I think she likes me anyway?
  10. @julia being the only person I could identify because of my face blindness.
    God I hope it was @julia. Oh fuck it might have been @lindsaygelfand.
  11. Admiring @AliceWetterlund from afar but being too intimidated to talk to her.
  12. Sending best thoughts to @NKraft about his film premiere while driving on Muholland.
  13. Wondering if @samboyd is a real person or just an AI created to be attractive to me, like ScarJo from #Her, or Ex Machina.
  14. I mean if we are being serious I'm texting @Urbaniak and emailed @sfj but the List connection was tertiary.