Email me for deets about payment; screeners. For streaming shows we do chunks of a season at once, so it's less posts but longer.
  1. Empire
  2. Outlander (Starz)
  3. The Slap (ummm tonight)
  4. Bloodline (Netflix)
  5. Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt (Netflix)
  6. OITNB (Netflix)
  7. The Returned (A&E) (march 9th, 10 pm)
  8. The Royals, E! (March 15th)
  9. Also open to hearing pitches/suggestions for one-off essays or comedy/fan fiction/lists/ whatevs.
  10. We've also done a thing with old shows like Twin Peaks and The Wire where we take a look back every week on a certain segment or part of the show and do a deep dive on what some distance of time has made us appreciate (or not) about show. So if you've got any ideas for that, email me too!