Looks That in Hindsight, I Guess I Couldn't Pull Off

  1. Swarthmore Slut
  2. Baltimore runway model
  3. Tongue ring
  4. Fake ID
  5. The time I was so depressed about my first breakup my friends decided to cheer me up by shaving my head while I was on acid.
  6. Chubby faux-hawk
  7. 8-year-old with Jewish star shaved into my buzz cut in the back, with a rat's tail
    Unfortunately none of this is visible.
  8. Pajamas and RENT
    SUCH innapropes theater wear!
  9. Shitty beatnik
  10. Conditional OCD
  11. That period where I just looked like i was groping all my friends cuz it was sexy,
  12. Party bus press junkets
  13. Dog ownership
  14. Nic Caged
  15. London fedora
  16. Single feather
  17. "Cool girl"
  18. Boardwalk Empire over here
  19. This...whatever this is.
  20. Girl at Burning Man offshoot in Delaware.
    Just going with the flow...
  21. Newsie
  22. Hunter S Thompson Easter Egg
  23. Losing 20 pounds on Adderall during 2008 election.
    Oh everyone HATED me.
  24. The time I finally ate something in '09
  25. Accessories
  26. #braless
  27. Come the fuck on, Drew.
    Bonus: think this was @johnnyartpants' bday!
  28. Auntie Drew
  29. If I come to work with very obvious bronchitis no one will ever question my "absentee every day" policy again!
    This is today.