1. Swarthmore Slut
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  2. Baltimore runway model
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  3. Tongue ring
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  4. Fake ID
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  5. The time I was so depressed about my first breakup my friends decided to cheer me up by shaving my head while I was on acid.
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  6. Chubby faux-hawk
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  7. 8-year-old with Jewish star shaved into my buzz cut in the back, with a rat's tail
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    Unfortunately none of this is visible.
  8. Pajamas and RENT
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    SUCH innapropes theater wear!
  9. Shitty beatnik
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  10. Conditional OCD
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  11. That period where I just looked like i was groping all my friends cuz it was sexy,
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  12. Party bus press junkets
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  13. Dog ownership
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  14. Nic Caged
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  15. London fedora
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  16. Single feather
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  17. "Cool girl"
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  18. Boardwalk Empire over here
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  19. This...whatever this is.
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  20. Girl at Burning Man offshoot in Delaware.
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    Just going with the flow...
  21. Newsie
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  22. Hunter S Thompson Easter Egg
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  23. Losing 20 pounds on Adderall during 2008 election.
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    Oh everyone HATED me.
  24. The time I finally ate something in '09
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  25. Accessories
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  26. #braless
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  27. Come the fuck on, Drew.
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    Bonus: think this was @johnnyartpants' bday!
  28. Auntie Drew
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  29. If I come to work with very obvious bronchitis no one will ever question my "absentee every day" policy again!
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    This is today.