"Meet the Sloths": Best Show Ever?

Airplane TV is like an alternate reality
  1. So it's an action show about sloths.
  2. You think that's ridiculous?
  3. Obviously, you've never met Sloth Scientist, Becky.
    She's just back from London and already there is a CRISIS at the sloth center!
  4. A sloth is stuck in a tree, and if it stays there too long it will get hypothermia.
  5. To the slothmobile!
  6. Females don't like to be off the dating scene, so after they give birth they go into heat once a month and "want everyone to know about it."
  7. So they just SCREAM HORRIFICALLY until another sloth decides to get it on.
  8. Today's screamers are Samantha, a screamer, who is such a Samantha!)
  9. But it's Darla who has "the most unusual mating scream."
  10. "It's the loudest, confides this woman, who I guess we just assume is telling the truth even though she's not been introduced as a sloth guru yet.
  11. Between them, they have all the males "on hanky-panky alert."