Airplane TV is like an alternate reality
  1. So it's an action show about sloths.
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  2. You think that's ridiculous?
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  3. Obviously, you've never met Sloth Scientist, Becky.
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    She's just back from London and already there is a CRISIS at the sloth center!
  4. A sloth is stuck in a tree, and if it stays there too long it will get hypothermia.
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  5. To the slothmobile!
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  6. Females don't like to be off the dating scene, so after they give birth they go into heat once a month and "want everyone to know about it."
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  7. So they just SCREAM HORRIFICALLY until another sloth decides to get it on.
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  8. Today's screamers are Samantha, a screamer, who is such a Samantha!)
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  9. But it's Darla who has "the most unusual mating scream."
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  10. "It's the loudest, confides this woman, who I guess we just assume is telling the truth even though she's not been introduced as a sloth guru yet.
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  11. Between them, they have all the males "on hanky-panky alert."
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