1. When the pharmacy gives you real Adderall and not that generic bullshit.
  2. Purple foundation, which just disappeared my decade-old raccoon eyes.*
  3. While we are at it, @richardabate. I still haven't programmed him in my phone because I've got this irrational fear that if I do, he'll stop calling.
  4. Spotify
  5. Joan Sheckel, though again...possible witchcraft involved.
  6. @arimelber not minding that I don't put him on this list because it's not like I won an Oscar or something.
  7. The fact that according to Google, I invented "Manimeth Destiny" when discussing Walter White.
  8. You guys, for keeping me honest. Jk: living life without consequences since 1994!
  9. That Jurassic World trailer. Though I guess if you want to get picky about it, the whole concept of Jurassic Park is man's hubris in creating his own miracles. (His = man's. Women inherit the earth.)
  10. Any acknowledgement from @bjnovak on social media, tbh.
  11. *For reference, this was my face last night, with a ton of concealer smeared on, and I've only slept two hours since then.
  12. Zoe Barnes face!!